Becoming a Blogger – My Story



This post focuses on my journey to becoming a blogger. In this journey, I had to endure many failures and obstacles which I crossed and crushed with firm determination and will power. 

Please enjoy!


The year was 2016. I was thinking of making my own blog and posting motivational stuffs there, to inspire people and what not. So, I started out a website on the platform and wrote down my first post titled – 

“How to believe in yourself?”

Well, the views of that post was 100-120. I was kinda depressed, as what I basically though was that I would only need to write one article to become famous. 

I stopped all of these to concentrate on my studies again. For a long period of 5 months, I was away from my website. And then, I was kind of in to the religious stuffs. I started answering people’s questions about my religion, in social media and real life. So, I thought, instead of having to tell people everything every time repeatedly, why not I just write every kind of logic I can put up in a new website as posts? 

Well, that got me to my second (free ofc. duh!) website on blogger, the link to that website:

Proceeding Towards Truth

After anyone asked me any question, I would search the internet, the books related to that question and go to the religious Scholars, and finally, sit down and make a detailed post about the question (not every post was written in this way, especially I only wrote the first few posts in this way and then got overconfident). 

The Response? 

Hilarious for me! The first post hit 300 within a week. And I got the inspiration required. Thus, only within 3 months, I had over 20,000 views with 20 posts. 

The first hit came from this post on Hijab:

5 reasons why hijab is necessary and beneficial

By this time, I had known many of the basic things I had to know about writing articles, such as, selection of words, proper title, proper way of writing so that people would feel important and also would feel answered.

So, I carried on and applied for AdSense on this blog. I got it! 

I was so overwhelmed, but soon I realized that the income was too poor. I had almost 400-500 views per day, and that is a pretty nice spot for a newbie, but the earnings were: 0.21, 0.35, 0.85 (highest) per day.

So, I thought of doing SEO the right way, and I have talked about how I did those things and other SEO related things in this post: 

>>> SEO Expert – How did I become one?

In the process of doing SEO the right way, I changed the blog url from ‘’ to the present name.


The Ads disappeared. Why? Oh, the AdSense operates seeing the url of the site, I had totally forgotten that, I could easily change back the url but I also didn’t know it then. So, I deleted the AdSense approved islamicposts88 and applied for AdSense under the new name. 

Rejected!!! Over 10 TIMES!

I got really upset and shut down the blog for about 1 year and didn’t do anything related in this time. 

Returning to the field!

I returned to blogging and the tech world at the very beginning of 2018 and from then, I have written about almost 50 guest articles in different religious, tech-based, health-based, etc. multifarious purpose based websites. 


To this date, I continue my journey writing in both Bengali and English. 

If anyone wants to hire me for his website, just hit the contact page.

Thank you for reading!

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