FreePDFBoi - The Dreamland of PDF Books

How I pushed this website to become one of the highly ranked and top notch pdf websites out there.

P.S. The Site has been sold due to unavoidable circumstances. So, the website may become vanished too, in the next few years.

I had started this website with great hopes and they all came true, but I never thought that I would get everything within only 4 months.

  1. Daily Traffic [Avg.]: 5,000. [Highest Record – 8,000]
  2. Alexa Global Traffic Rank of 150,000 and above 500th in BD.
  3. AdSense income of 10 Dollars Per Day. [AdSense Policy won’t let me share the incomes]
  4. Over 5,000 Books Uploaded Newly.

The works that were done by me in this website include:

Article Writing, SEO, Web Design, Web Development, Technical Assistance, etc. everything together!

I, along with my fellow team members had worked so hard with this website but due to some problems, we had to sell this off. And thus, a great journey of books and knowledge came to an end.

This was my own project.

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