SEO Expert – How did I become one?



When I had first started blogging, I had no idea about something called ‘SEO’. And, well, now? I can make pretty much each and every website (even if the content is copy paste or whatever) rank on Google’s first page, and if necessary, on the first rank.

How? That is a journey described below.

Please enjoy!


When my first articles were not generating enough views per day, I decided to take a look in to the world of SEO.

I took two crash courses from Highly Trained SEO Experts, and that made me aware about all of the necessary tools and methods to make my posts rank well in Google. The free tools were my target and I started working on every single point that could have an effect on my on page or off page SEO, namely:

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords
  • Alternate Description
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Backlinks
  • Guest Articles under the banner of my blog

I did everything I could to promote my website and the results?

Not bad.

I got into the top 1M websites within 1 month and got into the top 700K websites within 3 months with my free domain. This skyrocketed my confidence and I decided to test various other websites of my friends to see if I could do the same with them and boom!

I did it with each and every single one of them, Organic Traffic was flowing in like bullets!

Becoming an Expert

I was getting success after doing SEO in almost all types of niches. But the visitors were not sufficient enough to give me enough confidence to do this thing for others. So, I took up a personal project again to see my actual capacity.

Latest Project

Starting Date: June 23, 2020.
Ending Date: December 06, 2020.

I started a personal website all on my own and started publishing posts daily. The posts were around 1000 words. I had to give daily 6 hours in all of these works starting from scratch to finalizing and posting, and then promoting it in social media and prominent blogging websites.

The first month gave me something I never expected. The total views of these almost 60 articles in one month were 70,000.

I could show these, but as I sold this website for almost 1000$ (950$ to be accurate), I do not have any data at the moment. However, I do have one screenshot I took from the Google Search Console.

N.B. This only includes the views I got from only Google in two months.

Image to be added.

Also, within only 4 months of creating this website, I got approval from AdSense, and started earning. The total page views on this website from June 23, 2020 to December 06, 2020 was 3,60,000.

Remember: I didn’t get the same amount of views in every month.

However, the website was at the peak of its traffic in the month December, and it was sitting at 80K Global Rank in Alexa, and in 300th rank of Bangladeshi Websites.

Though 30% of my traffic was from social media, the referrals (backlinks) and Organic Traffic made up almost 55%.


It was with this website that I got so much confident about my abilities to perform SEO on a website. From then, I have worked on 27 websites related to SEO only, and all of them now generate a huge amount of traffic per month.

That was it!

Thank you for reading.

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