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This is one of my most favorite works to do.

Finding out the root of any problem and implementing the solution seems like a nasty job to many. Those who cannot fix their website bring it to me, I make it running again.

No jokes! I really can do it. I have done it so many times now, for my personal websites and almost a hundred clients so far that it doesn’t matter how much problematic, er, the problem is.

Please enjoy!


I started websites with, and then had my ultimate experience with WordPress websites.

Then I turned and learned the basics of coding and aimed on custom coded websites.

I have worked on multiple bounty hunt projects where we are to find a bug in a specific website, and provide a solution for that.

The first encounter with technical issues started from WordPress websites.

They had literally so many problems related to:


  • Theme Files and Plugins
  • Customization of the website going deep in to the roots
  • Backup and Restore
  • Speed of the website
  • Database Problems
  • DNS and Nameserver Related Problems
  • cPanel and Webmail Management
  • Cloudflare Integration


All of these are now too easy for me. Here are the things in particular I can do with a WordPress Website:


  • I can change the core files of any themes and store them even after future updates so that the changes do not get disappeared.
  • I can make the websites load under 3 seconds, and, if necessary, 1 second.
  • I can make the backup and restore of the website automatic.
  • I can fix DNS and Nameserver Related Problems.
  • I can manage any cPanel or Webmail Settings.
  • I can integrate Cloudflare or any other CDN to the website.


Apart from all these things, I can assure you, bring me any kind of problem and I will fix it within 24 hours. If not, I will not even charge a single penny from you.

The Diagnosis Fee? Simply Free!


That was it. Thanks for reading so far!

If you are facing any problem with your website, please contact me.

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